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IK-Kinesiology - for all ages, young and old - is a holistic approach that works to bring your concerns into focus.

IK-Kinesiology contains especially the two following methods:

Touch for health operates mainly on the body - structurally harmonizing. Blockades of any kind can be solved through the equalization of physical energies.

Brain Gym especially effects the integration of both brain hemispheres, which are appealed to work pleasantly together. Brain Gym contains several vivid and animating exercises. They are very efficient on blockades of any learning subject.

As an instrument IK-Kinesiology uses the "muscle test", which is reputed to be the biofeedback of the body, the thoughts and the energies in the moment of usage. The "muscle test" shows the difference between blocked and flowing energy.

Usually a consultation lasts 1 hour. The treatment for children takes in general a little shorter. Any individual treatment requires a different time period. Every step during the consultation will be discussed and reviewed together. Sometimes adjustments to the individual situation are appropriate.

Treatment Fees:
The hourly rate for a treatment will be CHF 88,-.

Purposes of IK-Kinesiology:
The field of purpose of IK-Kinesiology is widely ranged. IK-Kinesiology is effective for any kind of physical symptoms, emotional indisposition or supportive for serious or major sufferings.