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Belonging to the field of preventive medicine IK-Kinesiology helps to maintain your health physically, mentally and emotionally.

IK-Kinesiology was influenced by several medical traditions, especially by the energetic model of the Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as by the vitalized tradition of the Chiropractic.

Both traditions take a vital power in human being as a basis, which is responsible for well-being and good health. Is the vital power of a person in balance she or he will be able to live a complete healthy and harmonious life.

Our inner balance can be brought out of its equilibrium through stress or too much pressure that we feel. IK-Kinesiology appeals to the whole human being and to its vital power. Pain, indisposition, uneasiness and sickness are in this model considered as being symptoms of an unbalance or blockade of vital energy (vital power).

Blockades of physical, mental or emotional level can be dissolved through the balance of energies, which at the same time activates body-owned healing power.

Often it is a pattern (i.e. pattern of behavior, pattern of reaction) that is preventing us from holding and keeping a healthy condition. In order to invigorate to come back into our own power, it is sometimes helpful to realize which pattern keeps us out of balance. Using a non-invasive combination of touch and discussion we work together to realize your concerns, no matter how small, complex, obvious or underlying these concerns may be.

In a relaxed environment the focus is on getting to the root cause of your stresses rather than just treating the symptoms. This approach encourages us to be responsible and actively work towards our own good health - by making a step towards ourselves.

I supportively accompany you on your course to your rebalancing. Together we find out what you need to come back to your centre and well-being.

IK-Kinesiology is a complex therapy, in which your and my capacities and knowledge take effect.

I am looking forward to see you,

Your Janis