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Since year 2000 I live together with my husband and our two children in Küsnacht at the beautiful lake of Zürich.


As a personal achievement I am very happy that I have accomplished a PhD degree in Art History at the 'Freie Universität Berlin'. For several years I have gathered great working experiences at auction houses in New York and Cologne. I am also looking back on a special training to be a Lu Jong (Tibetan Healing Yoga) teacher and on a pleasant and fulfilling vocational training of IK-Kinesiology at the IKAMED Zürich – on a life full with studies and traveling, urge for knowledge and for action, curiosity and self-determination.

After given birth to my children I became aware of the importance of Alternative and Preventive Medicine in order to support and advance well-being and health.

As a second course of education I have chosen IK-Kinesiology because it gives me the opportunity to invigorate and strengthen myself and others any time at any place and because I like to work with people.

My fundamental principle towards any living has been impressed by a humanistic conception of the world and human being: Mankind with the appreciation of his/her personal dignity and the respect and esteem of his/her individual needs is the focus of attention.

Each person is unique and everybody is ok the way he or she is. As an integrative method IK-Kinesiology equivalents exactly this humanistic conception of the world and human kind.

I am very happy to accompany and support you on your course to good health and well-being.